• BUSINESS CONSULTING - Consultancy Services LLC can provide business owners and managers a review of operations and work flow.  A business may have been doing a task or business the same way for many years.  This does not mean that it is the only nor the best way of doing business or a task. The mandate and scope of work will be agreed to with management.
  • ​COMPLIANCE - A company should have a compliance program which includes a  manual to provide guidance for employees when working. In today's business environment, it is important that your business  comply with rules, regulations, laws and industry standards.  A formal compliance program has proven to be the most effective way to protect the business and prevent and detect violation(s) of industry guidelines, laws and regulations.
  • ​​POLICY AND PROCEDURE - Consultancy Services LLC can develop a policy and procedure manual for employees to follow in their daily working environment.  A written policy and procedure manual provides a code of conduct outlining good business behavior.  The procedure manual can ensure business continuity on getting the job done when employees are away from their position for vacation or illness. 
  • ​​PRE ACQUISITION REVIEW - A business planning to purchase another ongoing concern or considering a merger needs to be sure that all the issues have been disclosed, that accounting records are current and that the business has been operating within all the rules and regulations to which it is subject
  • ​​COMPANY REPRESENTATION - If you are considering doing international business or even business in another state, you need to be sure that you are properly represented.  A physical presence may generate new business in the market place.  Consultancy Services LLC has associates in Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Germany,  Greece, Italy,  the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, the Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • EMPLOYEE EDUCATION - Consultancy Services LLC can arrange and prepare seminars for employees to improve their skills, learn new ways of effective problem solving and provide guidance to achieve an effective result.


  • CONTROLLER OVERSIGHT - Provide controller oversight for business at clients site at least once a week or as agreed with client.
  • FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER - Provide bookkeeping services to maintain ledger and sub ledgers as agreed with client.
  • FINANCIAL ANALYST - Prepare financial analysis and business trends for a specific period of time.  ​ 



  • Consultancy Services LLC can help provide your business with an identity.
  • Having a logo will develop a brand personality, build brand recognition and let's customers remember you.
  • A good logo will make your business look great, lets you stand out from your competition and makes a great first impression.


  • THE NEXT GENERATION OFFICE - You can hold business and employee meetings where ever and when ever you want.  You can share information and files in real time.
  • SET UP AND ONGOING SUPPORT - We will work with you to identify your requirements, assist in the set up of your office and offer ongoing support.